80th Anniversary of Hunkeler Systeme. New Logo, Proven Values

This year the Swiss company celebrates three big dates: 80 years of activity in the field of waste management, 30 years since the founding of Hunkeler Systeme AG and 10 years of the subsidiary Hunkeler Systeme Rus

“The name Hunkeler Systeme suggests that the company has always advocated comprehensive solutions in the field of waste disposal logistics,” says Boris Bashyarov, Director of Hunkeler Systeme Rus.

“In all regions of the world, customers from various industries recycle, grind and compress their production waste using our company’s equipment.

“We supply the finished product entirely from one source. This includes consulting, design, installation and commissioning, as well as service, including remote.

“Under the Greenline Concept brand, systems management tools are developed in the company’s own software department. They feature economical energy management with the lowest possible operating costs.

“In the anniversary year, our company has made a small rebranding. As a result, now we have a new logo with time-tested values)

“Websites have also received a new, more elegant look. The website address of the main company is www.hunkelersysteme.com, the Russian one is www.hunkeler.ru.

“When developing the sites, much attention was paid to the interface to make them as convenient as possible. In the sections of the Russian website (SolutionsPrinting, Packaging, Digital Solutions and Secure Printing), you can quickly find the information you need.

“Our email addresses have also changed. The local part (before @) remains the same, while the domain part (after @) has changed to hunkelersysteme.com.

“Videos with interesting projects and new developments are posted on two YouTube channels. Check them out:

Hunkeler Systeme AG — aspiration systems;

Hunkeler AG — finishing solutions for digital printing.

“We are also represented in social networks:





“So contact us, we have a wealth of experience and are always happy to help you!”


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