Arkhbum-Ulyanovsk aquires two BOBST production lines

In 2021, Arkhbum JSC is preparing to launch a new corrugated board plant in Ulyanovsk. For the second time, the holding begins the development of the factory with BOBST FFG 618 and BOBST EXPERTLINE

“The key equipment for the new Arkhbum‘s site in Ulyanovsk will be supplied by BOBST,” says Milena Avada, Corporate Communications Director of Arkhangelsk PPM.

“At the first stage, the branch’s technopark will include two lines for the production of corrugated packaging: the FFG 618 miniline (France) and the EXPERTLINE (Switzerland), which includes the EXPERTCUT 1.6 flatbed die cutter and the four-ink FLEXO 160-VISION printing machine.

“In addition to the existing BHS corrugator (Germany), the plant will also get the high-performance equipment from leading brands of Italy, Japan and South Korea. Investments in the equipment will amount to 14.2 million euros.”

“Today, every third cardboard packaging in the world is produced on BOBST equipment,” says Gleb Gazukin, CEO of BOBST CIS.

“The FFG 618 miniline is well known to manufacturers of corrugated packaging. The machines of different generations of this series are still the main production tool for small containers and SRP-boxes (show boxes).

“It is appreciated and regularly aquired by major manufacturers around the world. No changes in the market reduce the demand for it, which is why the FFG 618 takes a special place in our production plan.

“As for the BOBST die cutters, the EXPERTCUT series in particular, they are very reliable and productive machines, clear for the operators and easy in maintainance.

“Together with the FLEXO 160-VISION printing machine, this press can fulfill any task set by our customers who want to receive quality printing and die-cutting.”

“The first machines put into operation at the Arkhbum plant in Istra in 2013 were exactly FFG 618 and EXPERTCUT 1.6 with FLEXO 160-VISION,” says Marat Sayfullin, Market Development Manager for BOBST CIS.

“Considering the success of this enterprise, one can be sure that Arkhbum-Ulyanovsk will also become the most advanced corrugated plant in the Ulyanovsk region.

“The FFG 618 is a fully automated high speed line that consistently produces a huge volume of crates year after year requiring little attention. Together with the possibility of processing really small blanks from raw materials of different quality, this makes it one of the most interesting on the market.

“The same can be said about the EXPERTCUT 1.6 die cutter in line with the FLEXO 160-VISION printing machine. Two such lines have been operating at the site in Istra for a long time. We can highlight the excellent quality of finished products, reliability and the highest performance in this format.

“Also I would like to emphasize the importance of the Arkhbum project in Ulyanovsk. The times are interesting and give rise to many questions about what to do and what will happen next in the Russian market of corugated packaging.

“This project is part of the answer to these questions. We see that even at this time, the corrugated packaging market is growing, since the growth potential has not been exhausted, and it will continue to grow, and not only in the central region of Russia, but even where production facilities have been deployed already, and enterprises are operating.

“Packaging, especially high quality one, will be demanded by both producers and trade organizations, regardless of the format (traditional or online) they use.”

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