Arkhbum-Ulyanovsk Produces First Corrugated Board!

The plant successfully launched a corrugator producing double-wall corrugated cardboard

“Currently the equipment is operated in the test mode. We test the lines to bring them to full production speeds,” says Alexander Kushmitko, Executive Director of the Arkhbum JSC Ulyanovsk site.

“We have installed a transport storage system for corrugated board and two BOBST converting lines: FFG 618 (France) and EXPERTCUT 1.6 (Switzerland).

“The company has almost finished hiring personnel with foreign specialists providing their training.”

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The total cost of the project is 2.5 billion rubles, of which 1.4 billion rubles is the cost of equipment. The capacity of the new corrugated board and packaging production facility will make 16 million square meters per month (192 million sq. m annually).

The plant’s products will be similar to those produced in Podolsk, Istra-1, Istra-2 and Voronezh: double- and triple-wall corrugated cardboard, RSC, and complex packaging with up to 4-ink flexo print and multi-point gluing.

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