Arkhbum Upgrading Production Site in Ulyanovsk

Ulyanovsk corrugated factory with a monthly output of 16 million square meters will produce double and triple wall corrugated packaging, such as RSCs, flatbed- and rotary-cut boxes. The total cost of the project is 2.5 billion rubles

The first stage of the project started from preparation works preceding global reconstruction of the facility. They include retrofitting of the administrative building, laying of utility networks and communications, construction of roads and infrastructure.

At the end of 2020, Arkhbum will begin the installation of two BOBST converting lines to the existing BHS corrugator.

The new corrugated plant to be launched in March 2021.

At the second stage of construction, 2021 to 2023, the plant will get four more processing lines and increase storage facilities.

Annual market potential of the Volga Federal District is estimated at almost 1.4 billion square meters.

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