BOBST’s Moscow Engineers Assemble MASTERLINE HD in Podolsk

“Since MASTERLINE HD is our top-end product, we were very worried whether we could install the line using the expertise capacity solely of our own,” says Gleb Gazukin, BOBST CIS CEO.

“Before that, we always turned to our colleagues from the company’s head office in Switzerland, but under the COVID-19 restrictions, we could hardly count on their quick arrival.

“Nevertheless, the installation showed that all our efforts, the time we invested in developing the service, improving skills and qualifications of the staff, made a difference. Our engineers did an excellent job installing and commissioning the line.”

This is the second BOBST MASTERLINE HD corrugated packaging production line at the Arkhbum Podolsk site. Inlines are set up in a mirror version, working from a single platform, and are very convenient to maintain.

At the same time, the new line has a more complex configuration compared to the first one, launched here in September 2019.

For example, the printing machine is equipped with an additional IQ300 quality control system, while the die-cutter boasts a die-to-print combination system that aligns and accurately positions each sheet of corrugated cardboard before it is stamped.

The inline includes the Loader AF automatic feeder, flexo printing machine with three Masterflex-HD printing sections, Mastercut 2.1 automatic die cutting machine and Breaker automatic blank separator.

Maximum productivity of the line is 7 thousand sheets/hour. The machine can work with blanks up to 2100 mm wide and up to 9 mm thick.

“Every week we held a video conference with the main office on the installation,” continues Gleb Gazukin.

“The project was divided into several stages that we performed step by step: shipment of equipment, delivery to the client, installation, launch, and staff training.

“At the moment, the machine has already successfully worked out at a speed of 5 thousand sheets per hour.”

Gleb Gazukin (BOBST CIS), Konstantin Borumbey (Arkhbum-Podolsk), Marat Saifullin (BOBST CIS) at the launch of first Masterline HD on the site, Sept 2019

According to Konstantin Borumbey, CEO of the Arkhbum JSC Podolsk branch, adjustment of peripheral equipment is currently underway.

In 2021, as the plant modernization is complete, the branch will be able to produce up to 17 million square meters of finished products a month.

“I am very proud to have such engineers on the force,” says Gleb Gazukin, “we received a great feedback from Arkhbum-Podolsk.

“Experts of BOBST Switzerland have also appraised our job and confirmed that everything was done right — that is, regardless engineers of what country are working, BOBST still is BOBST.”

“In August, we plan to supply a similar line, but with a larger number of printing sections, to Naberezhnye Chelny plant. And now, when I am talking with Andrei Gennadievich Fomichev (Director General of Naberezhnye Chelny Paper Mill), I can tell him: “Andrei Gennadievich, don’t worry, even if the borders won’t open as the equipment arrives, we will install and launch your line by ourselves.”

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