Corrugated Cardboard Production in Ukraine: +14% in Q1-Q3 2021 (Slides)

This was the average production growth of corrugated boxes, sheets, liner and medium in Ukraine compared to Q1-Q3 2020

For nine months of 2021, key players of the Ukrainian market produced about 554 million square meters of corrugated boxes, almost 7.5% more than in 2020.

Corrugated sheet production increased almost 28% to 69 million square meters; production of containerboard, including medium, grew 8.7% to 390.5 thousand tons.

Young Rogan cardboard factory boasts a multiple increase in liner and fluting production (by almost 165% to 8,394 tons). A veteran of Ukrainian pulp and paper industry Zhidachevsky PPM also showed good growth for the same types of products: +30.9% to 11,350 tons.

Also, Zhidachevsky PPM increased output of corrugated sheets by almost 73%, producing about 20 million square meters of products. On October 17, the company celebrated its 70th anniversary, please accept our warm congratulations!

Izmail Pulp and Paper Mill and PJSC MENA PACK are the growth leaders in the production of corrugated boxes, boasting +18.4% and +18.2% (15.4 million square meters and 18.9 million square meters), respectively.

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