Emmepi Group Connects Second MASTERLINE HD to Arkhbum Podolsk Intralogistics

Emmepi Group transportation system and Dücker Robotics palletizer facilitated the integration of newly installed BOBST MASTERLINE HD flexo folder gluer into logistics of the plant

“Acting under COVID-19 restrictions, professionals of Podolsk plant, assisted by BOBST CIS, Gofromashiny, and Dücker Robotics specialists, have managed to assemble and launch all pieces of equipent independently, without immediate presence of foreign engineers,” quotes Arkhangelsk Pulp & Paper Mill press release Konstantin Borumbey, CEO of Arkhbum’s Podolsk site.

Two Gofromashiny technicians have mounted the Emmepi Group transportation system using video support from Italian electronic engineers. Within two weeks they have installed and launched bundle feed and finished product output lines, integrated and configured proprietary software within the plant’s logistic system.

The total cost of equipment and work performed made 430 million rubles.

After the completion of plant modernization in 2021, Podolsk branch of Arkhbum JSC will be able to produce up to 17 million square meters of finished products a month.

gofro.expert according to APPM

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