Eterna Launches ECUT 2100 Elite Flatbed Die Cutter

“This is the largest flatbed die cutter we’ve ever produced and it is also the largest die cutter designed by a Chinese team. We are very proud of our achievement setting a milestone in our company’s history,” said Dr. Johnson Xie, Managing Director of Eterna

Mr. Weiguo Li and Dr. Johnson Xie present ECUT 2100 Elite at Eterna Production Center in Shanghai

For years we were listening to our customers, and this new design reflected many excellent ideas from them,” said Mr. Weiguo Li, Chief Design Engineer of the project.

Waiguo led the team that had developed the first generation of Eterna 2100 flatbed die cutter, released over 10 years ago. Development of the new model took over a year.

ECUT 2100 Elite flatbed die cutter weighs 45 tons, the maximum plate pressure is 450 tons,” says Alexander Grachev, Head of Sales at SIKO Group.

“Its maximum production speed is 5500 cycles/hour, blank size: from 780×550 mm up to 2100×1300 mm.

“The new model has a motorized die-cutting pressure adjustment with tonnage visualization, and a dynamic deflashing system that uses a third lower frame with pins, gripping the cut element.

“The die cutter can be installed in line with printing machines, including those manufactured by Bobst Group, Eterna‘s parent company, and equipped with e-LOAD (pre-feeder), e-BREAK (breaker) and e-PAL (palletizer) native peripheral units.

“It is already on sale on the CIS market. Modifications with workpiece equalizing section providing a very accurate feed will come onto the market later.”

More information about Eterna flatbed die cutters available on the CIS market is here.

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