First ixs-pal® Pallegator to Appear at FEFCO Technical Seminar in October!

This is a machine for automatic gluing of double wall corrugated cardboard pallets, which are capable to carry a 2-3 tons load and 5 times lighter than wooden pallets. The equipment fits into 16 sq. m

“We are glad to inform you that the first operational model of ixs‑pal® pallegator is almost complete,” says Rustem Karimov, head of Karimov GmbH. “This is an innovation in the world of corrugated technologies. The corrugated cardboard manufacturers get the opportunity to independently produce pallets of the required quality for themselves, which are much lighter, more convenient and cheaper than wooden ones, completely recyclable, do not require special certification and phytosanitary processing, and can carry advertising information on board.”

Rustem Karimov (right) with a team of German engineers near the pilot model of pallegator and first produced corrugated pallets

ixs-pal® corrugated pallets can be made from double wall corrugated cardboard by combining different materials and profiles. The load capacity of one pallet is 2-3 tons in static, depending on the material used. It’s available on four sides for forklifting and adapted for almost all existing transport systems, such as conveyors, roller tables, swivel crosses, chains, etc.

“The weight of ixs-pal® corrugated pallet is about 3 kg, while the weight of a wooden one is 15–20 kg. Thus, when fully loaded with 34 ixs-pal® pallets, a truck would carry almost 600 kg less cargo, saving up to 4% fuel.

“More than 70% of the corrugated pallet’s price is the cost of corrugated cardboard (approx. 2.8 square meters per pallet), therefore, by producing pallets from his own raw materials, a manufacturer significantly saves furthermore.

“In addition, the use of corrugated pallets reduces CO₂ emissions. And a complete transition of corrugated production to the use of ixs-pal® pallets with a consumption of about 750 thousand pieces a year may save more than 1 hectare of forest.

Example of integrating ixs-pal® into corrugated board production

“The ixs-pal® automatic pallet system can be integrated into the plant in a way that does not interfere with the existing pallet handling systems. It does not exclude the use of wooden, plastic or other pallets.

The modular design of the corrugated pallets made it possible to manufacture a rather compact automatic gluing machine: installation of the equipment only requires 16 sq. m. Pallet dimensions can be 1200×800 mm, 1200×1000 mm or others.

“The debugging process is still underway. So far, the pallegator glues corrugated pallets from four parts. According to the technical requirement, we are finalizing it for the possibility of gluing also from two and six parts.

“At the moment, due to the rise in prices for wooden pallets, we receive many orders for ixs-pal® pallegators.

“We are going to make a video presentation of the first operational model of the machine during the FEFCO 2021 Technical Seminar on October, 20–22 in Copenhagen. We invite you to our booth number 33, where we will show videos and photos on the ixs-pal® pallet system and discuss the opportunity to see the pallegator live.”

Contact information: Rustem Karimov,

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