First Stage of Arkhbum-Ulyanovsk to be Launched in September

Second and third stages will be built at the same time. Total investment in the project amounts to 4.7 billion rubles, of which 1.7 billion rubles into new equipment

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Irina Sherstneva (right) during a visit of city and regional officials to the Arkhbum-Ulyanovsk production site, Aug. 2021

“Investment Director of Pulp Mill Holding GmbH Vladimir Krupchak decided on the simultaneous construction of the second and third stages of the Ulyanovsk’s plant. The site will reach full capacity in 2023,” Arkhbum JSC Director General Irina Sherstneva said.

The first stage of the Ulyanovsk site includes a double wall corrugated cardboard production line, a transporting & storage system for finished products and two BOBST converting lines. The equipment is currently operating in test mode.

“The second and third stages will add more storage terminals for raw materials and finished products — more than 20 thousand square meters in total.

“Also there goes lots of new equipment: four converting lines, each equipped with pre-feeder and palletizer, handling equipment and an additional single facer for the production of triple wall corrugated cardboard,” Arkhbum JSC Deputy Director General for Construction Alexey Vtoriy said.

Annual capacity of the new production site in Ulyanovsk is 192 million sq. m.

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