First TCY QS in Russia launched in Bolotnoye!

This is a fully servo-driven line producing up to 25,800 boxes per hour from blanks of maximum size of 660×1800 mm. Order change takes only 2 minutes.

Heads of ТСY Machinery Ken Hsiao and Bolotninskaya Gofrotara CJSC Nikolay Tomilov

Gofro.Expert: «Nikolay Fedorovich, several TCY minilines already operate at your enterprise. What was the purpose of the acquisition of QS-618?»

«Almost all the plant’s equipment — both corrugators and processing lines — are TCYs,» says Nikolay Tomilov, Director General of Bolotninskaya Gofrotara CJSC.

«We have no questions to the manufacturer. However, given that the equipment has been working since 2011 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even with the timely maintenance and high level of technical reliability, someday the time comes when you need to think about replacing it.

When the costs of maintenance and repair become too high, it is more reasonable to buy a new line, and transfer the old one, which has worked for about ten years, to the reserve in case the main equipment undergoes scheduled maintenance or the number of orders increases sharply (this also happens).

In this regard, we have worked out a plan on gradual replacement of our techno park, and acquired the QS-618 miniline, a fully adequate modern line, which will replace the 9PA-9FGT machine of 2011.

TCY boss Ken Hsiao was present at the launch. We have signed another contract for the supply of the modernized 5RA line, which is more advanced compared to the “fiver” we have. We are waiting for delivery in five months.»

«Since Ken flew by himself, that means you are friends and your enterprise is significant for him…»

«I don’t have enemies. Everyone I work with are friends, and if there are enemies, they don’t live for a long time (laughs).»

«This is a more productive miniline for manufacturing of RSC — 400 boxes/min versus 350 on 9PA-9FGT,» says Sergey Chubreich, Production Director of Bolotninskaya Gofrotara CJSC.

«Another advantage of this line is a quick order change (2 minutes against 15-20 minutes on 9PA-9FGT). As a result, we double the production of corrugated packaging.

Today our record is 65 thousand square meters (about 162,5 thousand boxes) for a 12-hour shift.»


«Do you remember how they launched it in Munich and speeded up to 405 boxes per minute from the start?» asks me Alexander Mangushev, Gofro Technologies CEO.

«This was the first presentation of the QS-618 in Europe, how could I ever forget it!»

«The machine had worked for the entire exhibition length without fail, and then Schumacher Packaging Group bought it. Later TCY received many orders from Europe and America.»

«What are its main features?»

«The QS series was a breakthrough for the industry. Nevertheless, TCY was in no hurry, allowing competitors to be the first who announced Full Servo Drive, while perfecting this technology on its lines. And when it was the time to appear before the public — the line was a sensation.

The components of the QS series are the same as those of Europeans and Japanese. The metal is probably better than that of Europeans; the accuracy of printing, die cutting and folding meet the most stringent standards, the reliability exceeds that of competitors.

Today, dozens of QS series machines operate in Europe and the USA. In 2016, at SuperCorrExpo in the United States, the company showed the QS-1025 midline manufactured for DS Smith. TCY produces QS in four sizes, but QS-1025 (1000×2500 mm) and QS-618 (660×1800 mm) make up half of the company’s orders.»

«Why did the Bolotninskaya Gofrotara choose QS-618, what do you think?»

«We cooperate with this company from young nails (laughs), and it is familiar with TCY very well. In 2011, we jointly upgraded their ТСY corrugator, resulting in a raise of annual productivity from 45 to 120 million square meters of corrugated board.

The guys watched the QS-618 for a long time, and only in 2019 did they sign a contract for the supply of the first such line in Russia, along with the automatic WSA Top Compact prefeeder. And just now, in March 2020, the company’s engineers launched the equipment and completed personnel training.»

«You said Full Servo Drive technology is based on Mitsubishi servos?»

«I have talked about this many times, and still feeling happy (laughs). Full Servo Drive is a direct drive technology on each section that guarantees high quality printing. All controllers, servomotors and control stations are Japanese-made.

Non-Stop Flexo technology allows producing short orders with the ability to change clichés directly during the operation of the line.

The QS-618 is also equipped with a folding and gluing section and a new top-loading counter-ejector. It has no pneumatic elements, as Mitsubishi servos are responsible for their accuracy and reliability.

A quick order change, service and diagnostics are achievable thanks to the Smart Tech control system (including storage of orders, control of settings accuracy, warning notifications about the change of consumables, statistics, etc.).

Another feature of the QS-618 is its low noise level due to the absence of gears.

Along with the line, we set the automatic prefeeder WSA Top Compact, responsible for the competent spreading of the corrugated cardboard sheets to create a continuous cascade of blanks.

By now, we have supplied five TCY FFGs, packing equipment, die-cutting presses, and transport systems to Bolotnoye. Recently, we have modernized the dry part of their TCY corrugator (to tell our readers later. — Ed.).

We believe that the new miniline will be of good help for its owners and quickly repay for itself.»

«Thanks for the news, Alexander, and take care!»

For reference

CJSC Bolotninskaya Gofrotara is a largest producer of corrugated cardboard and corrugated packaging in the Siberian Federal District.
Two corrugators of the company make more than 140 million square meters of corrugated cardboard a year.
The company sells production to many federal districts of Russia, as well as neighboring countries.

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