JSC Volga Upgrades Virtual Tour

Even more captivating, more futuristic, more driving. Quite a rare occurrence in the corrugated industry that energizes you for a full 12 hour shift. Music is still crucial. Wander around the deserted giant of the pulp and paper industry of the 21st century, and don’t forget to put on your headphones!

“The Virtual tour interactive program presents a volumetric impression of the Balakhna paper mill production site,”Aleksei Moiseev, Head of Volga JSC PR Department, says.

“The tour gives you the opportunity to visit the place virtually, turn around 360 degrees, zoom in and out, and learn as much as you can about the technology of paper production in a fun way.

“The program is especially relevant during the COVID-19 restrictions period, as children, students and partners cannot visit us in person.

“Now, thanks to new technologies, anyone can take a virtual tour of JSC Volga without leaving home.”

The company has added to the multimedia program several 3D panoramas shot in the new thermomechanical cellulose workshop, launched in September 2020, paper workshop No. 3, as well as in the power complex.

Each of the panoramas contains videos filmed in workshops and clearly demonstrating technological processes.

In addition, the virtual tour has become more accessible and can be viewed both from the computer or laptop screen, and from a smartphone. For this purpose, a full-fledged mobile version of the tour has been developed.

Another innovation is the audio guide update. The production tour is now available not only in Russian and English, but also in Chinese.

And it goes without saying.

With admiration, gofro.expert

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