Karton-Plus North-West (Russia) Replaces Old TCY Midline With Ultramodern One

TCY 5PAB-UFGT automatic high speed rotary die cutting line with four printing units has become the most suitable option for the plant, seeking to boost output, quality and range of its products

“Our plant needed a universal machine capable of producing small and medium-sized boxes of simple and complex configuration with high-quality printing,” says Andrey Klimko, CEO of Karton-Plus North-West (Leningrad Oblast). “Old 2008 two-ink TCY was not quite suitable for the purpose.

“Thus, we ordered the most modern line of the Taiwanese manufacturer with four printing units and rotary die cutting section. At our request, the standard VALCO MCP-4 gluing system (part of FGL) was replaced with VALCO MCP-12, capable to control glue application and mark bad blanks with UV marking.

“The delivery commemced at the height of the lockdown — March 2020. Taiwanese specialists could not come to the installation, so we fulfilled it ourselves jointly with Gofro Technologies (GT Group, St. Petersburg). About six months later, TCY engineers managed to arrive to finalize the equipment setup.

“By now, the line has been in operation for about one and a half years with an average productivity of 200-250 boxes per minute. We have no complaints about its operational reliability and quality of the products.”

Karton-Plus North-West company has been present in the market since the mid-90s. It has grown from a small corrugated plant into a large modern enetrprise with high-performance equipment,” says Alexander Mangushev, CEO of Gofro Technologies (GT Group, St. Petersburg).

“Last spring, we launched there a new TCY 5PAB-UFGT automatic high-speed rotary die-cutting line (1000×2500 mm).

5PAB-UFGT belongs to the latest generation of rail inlines. With a fully servo-driven folder gluer and top-type counter-ejector, the line achieves high precision die-cutting, printing and folding, producing RSCs suitable for automatic packaging lines.

“The machine is equipped with a Smart Tech computer control system; SUN Automation automatic vacuum feeder; four sections of the bottom flexographic printing with ceramic raster rolls; a rotary die cutting unit and an eight-shaft slotting and scoring section with scoring and pre-cutting knives and separate front and rear slotting knives (two-head slotter).

“The fully servo-driven folder gluer is equipped with VALCO MCP-12 extrusion gluing unit with a glue application control system and ejection system with a UV marker and signal transmission to the ejection conveyor. In this way, the maximum accuracy of folding is achieved and bad blanks do not end up in the finished product stack, enabling the use of boxes on automatic packaging lines.”


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