MHI Doubles Warehouse Space in Europe

Yasushi Miyamoto, General Manager, Corrugating Machinery Division, MHI Europe Ltd, drives a first piling of the new warehouse in Almere, the Netherlands, April 30, 2020

“Above 20 MHI corrugators and 50 EVOL flexo folder gluers operate in Europe at the moment. Seven EVOLs were sold to post-Soviet countries,” says Giovanni Bettini, Head of Sales, Corrugating Machinery Division, MHI Europe Ltd.

“Taking this into consideration, we deemed appropriate to follow our previous plan and double the size of our warehouse space in Almere, the Netherlands, from 770 to 1900 sq. m, in spite of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

EVOL 100 at Industrial Park Ussuriysky company

“In the meantime, we expand the range and quantity of spare parts in our warehouse in Moscow region.

“In Russia, two local MHI engineers did not interrupt servicing our lines during the COVID-19 restrictions. In this regard, Russia is in a better position than other countries with no permanent MHI service personnel deployed.

EVOL 115 at Pavlovskyi Posad Corrugated Cardboard Plant

“According to a special government ruling, MHI factories in Japan did not stop working as well, observing all deadlines for delivery of new equipment. At the same time, due to the movement restrictions, there were delays with installation and modernization of the lines.

“As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we are going to quickly catch up with this lag. Currently we keep in touch with our clients aiming to minimize any possible disruptions.

EVOL 100 at Arkhbum-Voronezh

“The pandemic has served as a catalyst for developing new solutions, including the one in the service sector.

“We have implemented a remote maintenance system allowing MHI engineers to remotely connect to clients’ machines and quickly solve technical problems.

“Though the system was introduced several months earlier than planned, we have already received many positive feedbacks.

EVOL 100 with MPF (own MHI‘s pre-feeder) at Naberezhnye Chelny Board & Paper Mill

EVOLs continue to gain popularity in Europe, especially in Poland and Russia. Before COVID-19, our office boasted a rather large waiting list.

“Within the last decade of February, we signed several supply contracts, including the one with Polish company selling the fifth line with our new MPF-M pre-feeder to this country.

“March has passed quietly, but in early April we again received lots of requisitions for new equipment.

EVOL 115 with MPF-W and a double slotter at Vegabaja Packaging, Alicante, Spain

“To summarize, Spring 2020 was quite a difficult period for everyone, but, fortunately, our industry has survived. Our company is keeping in touch with our clients, ready to quickly return to its previous course.”

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