Novosibirsk Cardboard & Paper Mill Launches VSF Stacker from Emmepi Group

This is the fifth project successfully implemented on the site over the past few years by the Italian company jointly with its official partner in the CIS, Gofromashiny

“A few weeks ago we launched a blank separating line from Emmepi Group. While it is working in test mode, we are increasing the load,” says Igor Didenko, CEO of the Novosibirsk Cardboard and Paper Mill JSC (part of the Gofromaster group of companies, leading in the Russia’s Siberian Federal District packaging market).

“The equipment lets us maximise performance of the rotary die cutting line by increasing the number of boxes made in one cycle. Simply because now the blanks can be placed on the sheet not only in width, but also in several rows along the feeding path.”

“In November 2021, Gofromashiny together with its Italian partner have installed and commissioned an automatic Favalessa Systems (Emmepi Group) blank separating line at the Novosibirsk Cardboard & Paper Mill,” says Alexey Borisov, Director General of Gofromashiny.

“Previously, we installed quite a bit of in-plant logistics on the site including an automatic transport and packaging line for finished products, automatic stacker for corrugator, and a set of peripheral equipment for rotary die cutting machines.

“The heart of the new line is the VSF automatic vacuum stacker from Emmepi Group, currently, the third one in Russia.

“It allows for reliable high speed stacking of complex packaging, such as meat, chicken or pastry trays, ceramic tile wrappers.

“The supply also included take-off and transporting conveyors for batches, rotary tables, an automatic blank separator, and automatic strapper.

“With installation of such a powerful set of peripheral equipment, the production capacity of the rotary die cutting line can reach 5 million square meters per month.

“We wish Novosibirsk Cardboard & Paper Mill further expansion in the market of complex die cut packaging, and look forward to new supplies and launches of equipment contracted for 2022!”

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