Only New Mosca is Better Than Old One!

This summer, GOTEK-Center company (Novomoskovsk, Tula region, Russia) replaced its 10-year-old Mosca MCB-2 strapping machine operating with a Martin 618 inline with a same new one

“Sergey, why the MCB-2 again?”

“Firstly, we stick to universalization: Mosca strapping machines are installed with plant’s other lines as well,” says Sergey Vedeshkin, Production Director at GOTEK-Center. — Secondly, capacities of the MCB-2 (number of packs per minute) enable this machine to keep up with the high-speed processing line.

“The old Mosca MCB-2 has worked great for over 10 years, but recently showed that it was already tired, becoming a bottleneck in the production process. By replacing it, we have grown in productivity by 5,000 sq. m of packaging per shift and increased the overall reliability of the Martin 618 line, eliminating the risk of long emergency stops and disruptions in customer supply.”

GOTEK-Center is well familiar with these German strapping machines,” says Alexander MangushevGofro Technologies CEO (GT Group, St.-Petersburg).

“The old MCB-2 has worked impeccably for over 10 years, therefore, when the need for a new strapping machine arose, GOTEK-Center knew where to go.

“This strapper fully automates the stage that follows the production of containers and precedes their transportation to storage. The machine is completely free of pneumatic components, has no compressor, dehumidification or air conditioning, which significantly increases its overall reliability and reduces operating costs.

“All drive elements are electrical for easy maintenance. The unit is assembled on Dunker servo motors (Germany) strapping up to 25 packs per minute with simultaneous leveling and pressing.”

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