Price Index for Pulp and Paper Products in Russia for May 10-16, 2021

The Index is calculated by the Center for System Solutions (Moscow). Starting this month, the indices are published weekly

Price Index tracks changes in shipping costs to provide information support to industry participants, raw material producers, product consumers, analytical agencies and stakeholders.

The Index values reflect the average price dynamics for the reporting period. This is not a fixed price for any Russian manufacturer, and is not binding on any buyer or seller of these products.

Center for System Solutions is an independent analytical agency that is in no way interested in any value of the Price Index.

A significant number of pulp and paper manufacturers are involved in compilation of the Index. Data transfer takes place remotely using the electronic platform of the CSR. Participation in the Index is voluntary, free and fully anonymous.

Prices on Russian Pulp and Paper Market from 10 to 16 May, 2021

The table shows:

1. The value of the Price Index (in rubles, excluding VAT) for each type of product for the current period.

2. Change in price to the previous period in rubles and percent.

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