Remos-Alfa Launches BOBST Mastercut 2.1 PR Flatbed Die Cutter

By now the MASTERLINE HD printing & converting line is fully assembled at the company’s site

Mastercut 2.1 PR at Remos-Alfa

“The flatbed die cutter is installed behind the 6-color MasterFlex-HD6 flexographic printing machine, launched at the beginning of 2019 (maximum printing format: 1270×2100 mm, CMYK + 2 pantones or 1 pantone and varnish),” says Remos-Alfa CEO Alexei Chistokin.

“The delivery was prompt and clear, as is common with BOBST.

“Working with BOBST, you know that if you have signed a contract, the equipment will arrive at the appointed time, promptly installed and launched, and you may no longer engage, because everything goes like clockwork.

“We acquired MASTERLINE HD with Mastercut 2.1 PR 1300×2100 mm die cutter to assist the 5-color BOBST Flexo 160‑Vision 1600×1100 mm line, whose productivity has become scarce.

Flexo 160-Vision at Remos-Alfa

“Its level of automation did not allow us to quickly cope with the growing number of small orders; we needed a larger format and number of printing units.

“Therefore, we decided to purchase a 6-color machine in full configuration, with an online print quality control system, an automatic 3-minutes change of anilox rolls inside the machine, and ink temperature control.

MasterFlex-HD6 at Remos-Alfa’s Open House in 2019

“So, all those issues that took up time on the previous line, the new one solves automatically.

“All-in-all the equipment is very reliable and makes products of the highest quality, works around the clock, and makes a profit every minute. We are counting on it for the next 10 years of operation.

“Our general mood is positive, because if you want everything to be OK, you should start with yourself.”

“The installation of Mastercut 2.1 PR is the second stage in equipping the enterprise with the MASTERLINE HD line,” says Gleb Gazukin, Bobst CIS CEO.

“After the launch of Mastercut 2.1 PR, the company will be able to print and cut out on MASTERLINE HD both simple orders of large volume and more complex packaging with strict requirements for the quality of full-color printing and complex high-precision die-cutting.

“The Mastercut 2.1 PR automatic press incorporates all the innovations that BOBST came up during some 80 years of development of flat die cutting presses.

“These solutions offer a faster speed, less downtime, faster changeover and unmatched quality.

“The press can produce up to 7 thousand sheets per hour. A high level of technology and the MATIC system automate the whole changeover process allowing to start a new order in five minutes.

“The Power Register (PR) optical mark system makes it possible to neutralize all errors that occur when printing or transferring a sheet from the printing machine, and to perform the most accurate cutting regarding the printed image.

“In addition, the Power Register system provides gentle contact and smooth movement of the workpiece maintaining sheet edge integrity.

“As to the reliability of the equipment, some 90% of more than 6,000 BOBST flatbed die cutters are still in operation.

“Those are the reasons why Remos-Alfa selected BOBST, having in mind production of high-quality full-color packaging.”

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