Stepan Khomyakov Leaves SFT Group

Mr. Stepan Khomyakov, CEO of SFT Group, who has been leading the company since its foundation, has decided to leave his post as of October 5, 2020

“We express our sincere gratitude to Stepan for his many years of effective work to transform SFT Group into a leading successful company in the industry. We wish Stepan all the best in his future endeavors”, the shareholders and the Board of Directors comment.

In connection with the resignation of Stepan Khomyakov, the Board of Directors has made a decision to accelerate the plan for the Group’s divisionalization. The position of CEO has been replaced by three equal positions of Managing Directors.

According to SFT Group, Evgeny Glezman (SFT Containerboard), Denis Belkovsky (SFT Packaging) and Sergei Krupina (CFO) have been appointed to these positions.

Divisional structure of the company will increase strategic focus of SFT Group on the best customer service in each of the three market segments.

SFT Group is a Russian vertically integrated paper and packaging company. It is operating three divisions — collection of paper for recycling, production of recycled-based containerboard and corrugated packaging.

In 2019, SFT Group joined forces with Austrian Prinzhorn Group to form a 50-50% joint venture.

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