Taroupakovka buys second Apstar

Taroupakovka, the largest manufacturer of corrugated packaging in Chuvashia, Russia, has aquired a Dongfang Apstar HG2 1224 FFG midline with bottom printing. The previous Apstar HG 1224 has worked here for 14 years now

“The first Apstar, which we bought back in 2006, is probably the most successful acquisition of the enterprise in its entire history,” says Mikhail Talanov, Development Director of Taroupakovka.

Mikhail Talanov stands next to Apstar HG 1224 at Taroupakovka, 2019

“Therefore, when we started looking for a new midline, we immediately took into consideration the new model of Dongfang Apstar.

“Despite the fact that there are good enough and more budget lines on the market, we decided to pay extra for time-tested quality.

“Knowing that the basis of the machine is a further development of our Apstar HG 1224, we are confident about its reliability. There’s no doubt that the folder-gluer and counter-ejector will also serve well for many years.”

Apstar HG2

Apstar is a reliable machine that will soon get into good hands of Taroupakovka,” says Alexander Grachev, Head of Sales, SICO Group.

“We are very glad that Cheboksary will obtain the second Apstar. With the help of the new machine Taroupakovka will surely continue its dynamic development.

Apstar HG2 1224 FFG produces RSCs with bottom flexo printing. The machine will be equipped with three flexo printing units, a 4‑shaft slotting and scoring unit, a rotary die cutter unit and a state-of-the-art folder-gluer.

“In basic configuration the line has a fully automatic adjustment to the required format from a single control panel, a vacuum-roller transport of the blanks, a modern air output system, created by vacuum fans on each section conveying the air into a separately standing cabinet with a cleaning system.

Apstar HG2 at Famadar Kartona Limited (SFT Group), July 2018

“The Apstar HG2 line with bottom flexo printing and top die carrying cylinder is designed to produce high quality packaging from any type of material.

“The machine works in the entire operating range of the blanks at a consistently high speed without compromising quality indicators, its maximum mechanical speed is up to 250 blanks/min.

“The optimized system of vacuum transport along with the modern 4-roll slitting and creasing section allows the production of a wide range of corrugated boxes; the minimum distance between slots is 130 mm, the minimum sum of the sides of the corrugated box is 260 mm.

Apstar HG2 at Perm Paper Mill, October 2018

“The feed unit is equipped with a modern SUN Automation vacuum-roller feeder, a vacuum blank cleaning system, a device for removing static electricity from the sheets and a vacuum-roller unit for transferring the sheets to the printing section, guaranteeing precise and accurate feeding of the sheets without loss of mechanical properties and preparation for high-quality printing.

“Sections with bottom flexo printing and vacuum roller transport of the blanks are equipped with ceramic anilox rolls, print rolls with a system for fast mounting of the printing plate.

“The ink transfer system is equipped with a peristaltic pump for ink supply and a diaphragm pump for ink return, which improves the condition of the inks during operation and reduces their consumption during flushing.

“The special design of the locker for anilox and ductor rolls allows to quickly change them if necessary. In basic configuration, a special trolley is supplied to facilitate the operator’s work during the changes.

Apstar HG2 at YuzhUralKarton Fabric, July 2019

“The rotary die-cutting section allows you to fulfill tasks of any complexity and even produce fully cut boxes using the Dual Cut method (two boxes per die). It is equipped with a MicroGrind bandage surface grinding device and a speed compensation system towards the die carrying cylinder.

“A modern top-folding folder-gluer ensures the accuracy of the product geometry. It is equipped with a full vacuum transfer of the blanks, a computerized adjustment of folding guides in two axes and a final folding section in front of the counter-ejector with a set of sandwich belts with separate servomotors on each side for leveling the box.

“The state-of-the-art top-loading counter-ejector, fully servo-controlled, guarantees stable operation at all speeds.”

For reference

JSC Taroupakovka (founded in 1983) is one of the leading packaging companies in the Volga region.

Its modern high-performance equipment allows to produce more than 6 million square meters of corrugated board products per month.

In 2021, the company plans to further increase its equipment park and expand production facilities.


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