This Process Must Make You High!

Petersburg studio of cardboard & paper decorations rukiviki. The hostess does not name herself, and why would she, as everyone knows her in her corrugated town anyway. And some of her Insta thoughts are clearly reflected in us like the sun in cold water©

“…How to promote a decorator’s blog 🎨,” she writes.

“It occured to me that no SMM, targeting rules, laws of post publication would help.

“Without a sincere desire to share and enjoy it, without a spark and fire in what you’re doing, without the buzz from blogging!!!

“This process must make you high!

“Because you can’t fake it. It’s genuine.”

“…In the spring we made a large corrugated town to put on a show in Gorky Park in Moscow🤤. All buildings were copies of the most outstanding houses in Moscow — The Bolshoi Theater, Moscow City, Moscow State University, Luzhniki and others😃.

“We made all buildings in St. Petersburg, transported them to Moscow at 4 am on a truck and installed by 11 am😅.

“I went by train and I couldn’t fall sleep for worries how to do everything in time😱😱.

“Well, then the children painted the town, assembled mini-models of Moscow buildings and in the evening during the dismantling helped us to destroy our work 🤣🤣🤣.

“Then I realized that children are destroyers👹☠👹☠. They were incredibly happy and at the same time helped us a lot🤣, after all, otherwise we would have had to break everything ourselves, but we were very tired by that time😄.

“I’m dreaming to make such a town in St. Petersburg, this is very bright and interesting, the atmosphere is unreal, I remember that day with nostalgia. Even though I was tired as helllllll…”

“…For me, working with paper and cardboard is sheer happiness and delight, because it is not only environmentally friendly after use, it is also not toxic!!! No unhealthy glue is used, no chemical smell when cutting🤮.”

“…I remembered why I loved cardboard.

“I fell in love with this feeling of being a child, when you can create any shape with your own hands. Making castles for children, but in fact doing it for your inner child.

“I am wildly excited with castles and buses, cardboard labyrinths, towns, buildings😁.

“As a child, I made a cardboard car for barbie from some packaging boxes, I remember how much I loved it. I had no money for that pink barbie convertible from the store, so I had a gray cardboard one instead😁😍, and I loved it so much…”

All the best to you with your own cardboard castles!


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