Three BOBST Lines in Aleksin and Pavlovsky Posad (Russia)

“We have supplied two EXPERTLINE 1.6 super-inlines (pre-feeders, flatbed die-cutters, breakers and a palletizer) to Pavlovsky Posad Corrugated Cardboard Plant and SFT Group in Aleksin,” says Gleb Gazukin, CEO of BOBST CIS. “Pavlovsky Posad also aquired a MASTERFOLD 170А4 folder-gluer”

Kakhramon Ruzimuratov, Head of Production at Pavlovsky Posad Corrugated Cardboard Plant, near the new BOBST EXPERTLINE 1.6

“The inline at Pavlovsky Posad Corrugated Cardboard Plant includes a pre-feeder, three printing units, a flatbed die-cutter and a breaker. Currently, local operators successfully passed training, the machine is all set and put into operation. Installation of the MASTERFOLD 170A4 folder-gluer is nearing completion. This line will further process a part of production from the flatbed die-cutter,” says Marat Sayfullin, Market Development Manager at BOBST CIS.

“At SFT Group in Aleksin (Aleksinskaya Paper & Board Mill), BOBST EXPERTLINE 1.6 is additionally equipped with a palletizer and a FLAT TRACK breaker, capable to carry out breaking as well as buffering and preparation of the layer layout. Installation is already completed, test runs have begun.”

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