TransPack Assembles Apstar HG2 1228 Midline

Four inks, bottom print, vacuum transfer, 4-shaft slotter, top rotary diecutting, folding gluing section with enlarged counter ejector specially designed for large containers

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Apstar with the bottom print is a very popular inline of Dongfang, designed for European and North American markets,” says Alexander Grachev, Head of Sales, SIKO Group.

“In less than two decades, more than five hundred customers have acquired different generations of this midline.

“These machines are a combination of reliability, productivity and quality of material processing at all stages of printing, die cutting and folding.

“Thanks to its functionality and reliability, Apstar can guarantee an early return on investment.

“The equipment is distinguished by well-thought-out modern functionality, which includes full automation of setting for the format, the ability to store up to 10 thousand orders, vacuum transfer of the workpiece from feeding section to the counter-ejector, an autonomous filtration system, as well as a system for cleaning the sheet from dust and removing static.

“The design of the 4-shaft slotter makes it possible to produce a very wide range of boxes on different types of profiles and does not require operator’s intervention for changeover.

“The modern rotary unit is equipped with the SUN Microgrind system, which grinds the coating of the pressure roll during operation and automatically synchronizes the rotation speed of the pressure roll relative to the die roll.

“This provides a high-quality and even pressure along the entire length of the die and makes it possible to make both full-fledged die-cutting of a box or tray, and cutting elements such as perforation or self-assembled bottom.

“The new line will enable the company to produce an additional 3 million sq. m of products with high quality printing and precise geometry of the box.”

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