Tyumen Phoenix Rose Up With TCY

Yuri Yurchenko, CEO of GofropakTyumen Plant, tells about the twists and turns of corrugated board production and his new 6PAB-STK rotary die-cutting line that has increased the enterprise productivity

“Yuri, why did you decide to buy a new line, what goals did you set, how did you choose it?”

“In January 2020, our plant survived the serious fire, and one of our production lines was irretrievably lost. Probably, if not for this case, we would not have replaced it for a long time.

“We chose the TCY 6PAB-STK rotary die cutter as a reliable, time-tested model with many installations in Russia.

“We also liked the business approach of Gofro Technologies company (GT Group), official representative of TCY in Russia and the CIS.

“At our request, TCY has managed to manufacture the production line faster than other brands. Since we signed a contract, it took only six months to install the line at our plant.”

“Have you already had a TCY?”

“No, that was the first one. Before that, we used SNOVA and older SRPack lines, one of which, produced in 2007, burned down during the fire.”

“Was it only this line that took damage in the fire?”

“The fire broke out in the transit room between the two workshops — of production and processing of corrugated board. The premises had to be completely restored, but most of the equipment was saved. Multi-point folder-gluer was also severely damaged.

“It took about three months for us to eliminate the direct damage from the fire. Among other things, we had to completely replace the roof. It is a rather troublesome business in Siberian winter.”

“Are your company’s capacities fully restored now?”

“We have fully recovered by September 2020. In November, we launched the new TCY and took our capabilities to the next level. The company is much better now than it used to be. The premises have been renovated, new equipment aquired.”

“What’s important is that everyone is safe and sound…”

“Yes, problems solved with money are not the biggest problems.”

“How much do you produce today?”

“So far, the productivity of our processing lines is greater than that of the corrugator. On average, we produce about 5 million sq. m of corrugated board per month, while we can process more than 7 million sq. m.”

“Are you satisfied with TCY?”

“No complaints, the line is of good quality, although it is not yet working at full speed. We use it for the production of rotary die-cutting of any complexity and print out blanks for flat die-cutting (the line has three printing units).”

“Who do you supply in the region?”

“Local and regional enterprises, as the possibilities of our market are rather limited (long distances, low population density). Since we are quite compact, our advantage is that we can respond faster to customer requests; our disadvantages — we are not as free in pricing policy as large enterprises, etc.”

“Competitors don’t let you relax?”

“You can relax somewhere in Salekhard, sitting on a natural gas or oil well, you won’t relax on corrugated cardboard (laughs).”

“Since entering the Eurasian market, a Taiwanese based company TCY has installed about a dozen corrugators and 75 processing lines in Russia and the CIS,” says Alexander Mangushev, Gofro Technologies CEO (GT Group).

“Currently, some 200 TCY corrugators and 1,500 flexo-folder-gluers operate in the world.

“Automatic high-speed rotary die-cutting line 6PAB-STK with a stacker, acquired by GofropakTyumen Plant, is designed for sequential application of three-ink flexographic printing and rotary die-cutting with subsequent stacking of corrugated board production in bales.

“The machine has a format of 2200×1200 mm and a production speed of up to 250 blanks/min.

“The line has a modular basis and consists of Sun Automation‘s lead edge feeder, three sections of flexographic bottom printing with ceramic raster shafts and vacuum transfer, rotary die-cutting section with an equalizer for aligning linear velocities and grooving of polyurethane bands, automatic two-section RCD-stacker.

“In addition to increasing productivity, the TCY 6PAB-STK line allowed GofropakTyumen Plant to significantly expand the product line and improve its quality.”

For reference

GofropakTyumen Plant was founded in 2002. Today, this company is among the largest producers of corrugated packaging in the Ural and Siberian federal districts.


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