UniTechUpak Buys 2nd TCY Miniline

Installation of TCY 9PA-FG SMART TECH at UniTechUpack’s site in Krasnaya Gorka

“Alexei, your company has signed a contract for TCY miniline. What goals did you pursuit and why you chose this particular manufacturer?”

TCY is a leader in the miniline segment in terms of price and quality,” says Alexei Pimenov, UniTechUpak CEO.

“The 9PA-FG model has long been on the market, and many installations have been carried out.

“For eight years now, one TCY miniline has been working at our site in Klin. After some time, its capacity was not enough, so we needed a backup line.

“Since we were quite pleased with the first miniline, choosing a manufacturer was not a question. Instead, we chose how many print units to get, and whether we needed a Smart Tech system onboard.” (an option to reduce machine setup time).

“So, how many units did you stop at?”

“We decided that two units were enough, because the bulk of our small packaging orders is 1-2 colors. If more colors needed, we could produce this order at our Klin site, where TCY miniline has three print units.

“We are installing the new TCY at our second site in Krasnaya Gorka, about 9-10 km off the Moscow Ring Road.

“At the end of 2019, we launched there a new 2200 mm WJ200 double wall (5ply) corrugated cardboard production line from Jingshan.

“The corrugator is capable to produce up to 10 million square meters of corrugated board per month. It has five splicers, B and C flute singlefacers and an automatic sheet stacker.

“There are also two converting lines in Krasnaya Gorka: a three-color YKMB II+ 1600×2800-3S and a five-color Apstar HG2 1628 (rotary die cutting line).”

9PA-FG is one of the most popular lines,” says Alexander Mangushev, Gofro Technologies CEO.

“It makes up to 400 boxes a minute.

“About three dozen Russian enterprises already use this equipment, including Bolotninskaya Gofrotara, Karavaevo, Remos-Alfa (a full list can be found at gofrotech.ru. — Ed.).

TCY 9PA-FG with four print units

“The new 9PA has a US-made Sun automatic vacuum feed section and a vacuum Cincinnati Fan onboard.

“A computerized control system allows to reduce machine setup time. It is equipped with an independent Mitsubishi PLC in each section, and an ongoing work diagnostic and visualization system with a touch screen, notifying of the need for routine maintenance.

“Also, this miniline features data storage without the need to reset operation parameters, low noise of gears and precise work of all components thanks to high-quality bearings.”


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