Uzbek Angren Pack Launches SRP Glue Kitchen

In total, more than 15 kitchens of the Dutch manufacturer have been installed in the post-Soviet states at Arkhbum, Naberezhnye Chelny Board & Paper Mill, L-Pak, Mondi, SFT Group, Stora Enso, Smurfit Kappa, Karton-Upak, YuzhUralKarton and other plants

“When selecting a glue kitchen, Angren Pack engineers proceeded not only from its reliability and glue quality, but also a capability to upgrade and boost production in the near future,” Nikol-Pak Group of Companies informed.

“As a result, we set our sights on SRP (Netherlands), GK1200 FA series, which has an important feature: it can be additionally equipped with a second reactor right on the run at the production site, as well as with systems for supply of recycled water, resins, biocides, etc.

“Due to the pandemic restrictions, SRP-Europe BV engineers were unable to attend the kitchen installation, so Angren Pack technicians carried out the installation and launch themselves, with remote support from the Netherlands.

“As a result, the automatic glue kitchen significantly optimized the glue preparation process. Technologists note an increase in its quality and stability, which directly affected the quality of corrugated board.”

GK1200 FA Glue Kitchen

“The GK1200 FA is a fully automatic glue kitchen with high-speed mixing,” says Alexander Mangushev, General Director of Gofro Technologies Company (GT Group, St. Petersburg).

“It is equipped with a viscometer and automatically controls the viscosity of the glue during preparation. At the same time, the ingredients are dosed in small portions, mixed at a low temperature and do not depend on viscosity problems.

“The glue kitchen is controlled by a PLC through a touch screen. The operator can also adjust the parameters manually.

“Additionally, the owner of SRP GK1200 FA glue kitchen does not lose his investments in it while expanding his production capacities, since the GK1200 can be upgraded from a basic FA series kitchen with single reactor to a TT series kitchen with two reactors.

GK1200 TT Glue Kitchen

“The core elements of SRP kitchens are made of stainless steel and mounted on a single frame. Their common advantage is ease of maintenance and availability of consumable spare parts on local markets.”

For reference

AI Angren Pack JSC is a part of Russian Nikol-Pak Group of Companies (since 2018) and the largest producer of containerboard, paper and corrugated packaging in Central Asia. The plant also produces paper napkins, towels and toilet paper.

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