Uzbek Angren Pack Upgrades Machinery With Latest Corrugated Technologies

TCY single facers, roll stands, midline with three print units and WSA peripheral equipment, and Techgene automatic baling press gave the Uzbek plant a powerful impetus to strengthen its market positions

Ural Mingazhev, Deputy Director General for Strategic Development, Angren Pack

“With acquisition of the plant, we have inherited morally and physically obsolete corrugated equipment that did not meet requirements of the modern market,” says Ural Mingazhev, Deputy Director General for Strategic Development of the company. “We immediately started to work on modernization options, considering both premium brands and manufacturers of low-cost equipment.

“Eventually, we settled on the middle ground in terms of reliability and quality — Taiwanese and South Korean equipment. Good name of Gofro Technogies (GT Group), widely known equipment supplier in the CIS market, also influenced our choice. Gofro Technogies did not disappoint us: despite the coronavirus pandemic and associated travel restrictions, they fully and successfully completed the engineering and installation works, meeting all the deadlines.

Upgraded LGKP-07 corrugator at Angren Pack

“So, in the spring and summer of 2021, we have installed and launched a fully automated TCY converting line of the 5th series (1000×2500 mm, 280 boxes/min) with a set of WSA peripheral equipment (South Korea), and upgraded our old Petrozavodsk LGKP-07 corrugator with two 2200 mm TCY cassette single facers (B, C, E flutes), roll stands with Renova multi-disc brakes (Italy), and cross cutting. In addition, we installed a modern automatic Techgene baling press (Taiwan).

TCY 5PAB-UFGT converting line at Angren Pack

“As a result, the processing capacity of our plant increased to 4-5 million square meters a month. At the moment, the company’s order package is 1.5 million square meters, but when we firmly stand on 2 million, we will consider the purchase of the second, this time, complete corrugator.”

TCY 5PAB-UFGT with WSA pre-feeder

Angren Pack is part of Russian Nicol-Pack Group and one of the largest producers of containerboard, paper and corrugated packaging in Uzbekistan,” says Alexander Mangushev, Director General of Gofro Technologies (GT Group). “This spring, we launched a new 5PAB-UFGT automatic high-speed converting line made by the Taiwanese TCY company.

5PAB-UFGT belongs to the latest generation of rail inlines. With a fully servo-driven folder gluer and top-type counter-ejector, the line achieves high precision die-cutting, printing and folding, producing RSCs suitable for automatic packaging lines.

“The machine is also equipped with a top rotary die-cutter, enabling a single pass production of SRP packaging.

WSA semi-automatic palletizer

“The line works with the WSA peripheral equipment, including an automatic pre-feeder and a semi-automatic palletizer (load-former).

WSA load squaring system

Our next delivery to Angren Pack were TCY injection-type cassette single facers and hydraulic roll stands, as well as Tiruña (Spain) cassette-type corrugator rolls of B, C, E profiles.

TCY cassette single facer

Injection-type single facers instead of outdated vacuum ones have significantly improved product quality and increased the corrugator’s operating speed due to better formation of corrugated profiles, reliable paper heating and accurate gluing.

Also, thanks to the upgrade, the plant got a capability to produce E-flute and solved a problem of quick transition between orders, taking the procedure down to 10 minutes.

TCY hydraulic roll stand

The new high-performance single facers needed modern hydraulic roll stands with multi-disc brakes capable of providing reliable web tension regardless of the roll diameter. These roll stands were also supplied by TCY.

Techgene TB-0708-20 automatic baling press

In addition, the plant aquired an automatic Techgene baling press (Taiwan), model TB-0708-20. This machine is able to improve both the environmental and economic aspects of corrugated board production. The press is equipped with a high-efficiency, low-noise & low-maintenance hydraulic system that makes smaller bales, more convenient for storage and transportation. Also TB-0708-20 has a unique bale strapping system, significantly speeding up the process. The whole system is controlled by a PLC controller.

Angren Pack‘s multi-stage upgrade is still ongoing.

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