VESTA Aquires Apstar HG 924 FFG Midline

The line is capable of producing about 3 million sq. m corrugated boxes with high-quality printing, complex die-cutting and precise geometry

VESTA Company (Kondrovo, Kaluga region, RF) plans to enter the high autumn season with a high-performance casemaker, taking into account the seasonal increase of orders for regular slotted containers,” Alexander Grachev, Head of Sales, SIKO Group, says.

“They needed a reliable, state-of-the-art machine that produces quality small to medium-sized boxes with the ability to perform sophisticated die-cutting.

“When choosing equipment, the company’s management carefully studied how various inlines operate in Russia, in particular, Apstars, their functionality and credibility.

“Eventually, they settled on the HG 924 FFG line as the one with maximum advantages at a competitive price. We signed the contract at the end of 2020.

“The default version of this machine includes dust extraction and static removal units with autonomous aspiration system.

“In addition, the standard equipment boasts a fully automated format adjustment, vacuum transfer from feeder to counter-ejector and a top rotary die cutter.

“The line can work as a flexo printer or a rotary die cutter. Dongfang describes this type of equipment as a multifunctional processing center.

“It should be noted that VESTA is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the corrugated board industry, which, in addition to producing corrugated packaging, manufactures rotary die cutters and bottom printing flexos.

“Therefore, we were especially pleased that our colleagues in the equipment manufacturing appreciated the technical advantages of our line.”

The delivery and launch of the Apstar HG 924 FFG inline is scheduled for summer 2021.

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