Yaroslavl Paper’s Production Capacity Up 40%

After a formidable modernization, the production process is restarted

“The enterprise modernization project was included in the regional list of priority investments,” says Dmitry Mironov, the Governor of the Yaroslavl region.

“Currently, the production capacity of the enterprise has increased by 40%. The production output will make up to 70 thousand tons per year.

“The modernization program was aimed at the transition to safe automated production using energy efficient technologies. Much attention was paid to the sustainability.

“Also, Yaroslavl Paper has significantly reduced the consumption of clean water, replacing it with high-quality circulating water.

“New technologies allow the plant to use the lower quality waste paper, which helps to reduce the volume of recyclable materials taken to landfills.”

The reconstruction has updated almost all parts of the production process: equipment for preparation, cleaning, development and transfer of the stock. PM’s forming and drying parts, vacuum system were completely replaced, and a new adjustable electric drive was installed.

The steam condensate system, the supply and exhaust ventilation system have been updated. The equipment management was fully automated. Finally, as a result of modernization, working conditions at the enterprise have improved and the quality of products increased.

The total budget of the project was more than 1 billion rubles. The program passed the expertise of the Industrial Development Fund that provided the company with a loan of almost 500 million rubles. The funds were used to purchase modern equipment.

For reference

JSC Yaroslavl Paper was founded in 2003. Products are made only from secondary raw materials. The product line includes liner and fluting.


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