EMBA Introduces HighBox

EMBA Machinery AB presents another technical innovation for the 215 QS Ultima model line. The HighBox solution enables single pass boxes production of any height, even in Skipfeed mode

«Recently, our Swedish partner EMBA Machinery AB has presented another technical innovation for the 215 QS Ultima model line (maximum format — 750×2150 mm), the so called HighBox,” says Alexei Borisov, CEO of Gofromashiny Company (Moscow, Russia).

«This option will be of interest to corrugated packaging manufacturers producing custom-sized boxes that require high flexibility from converting lines.

«The HighBox function is based on the latest servo technology for the independent drive of knives cutting in intermittent cycle.

«This drive, operating in a start-stop mode, enables single pass production of high height boxes, even in Skipfeed mode.

«The length of blanks may reach 950 mm, while their height is unlimited.

«This technology allows to produce boxes of any format without having to remove the cutting tool manually.

EMBA Machinery AB Technical Director Ulf Bergman shows capabilities of 215 QS Ultima converting machine at Örebro, Sweden (Nov 2018)

«Introduction of the intermittent rotation cycle of slotted knives was made possible, inter alia, thanks to the innovative design of the Magna vacuum slotter, where the blank is pulled by vacuum belts independently of knife and groove couplings.»

In 2020, three EMBA 215 QS Ultima inlines will be supplied to Russia.


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