Sanjin Hong at RosUpack 2021: “Europack is Largest and Most Outstanding WSA Project in Russia”

Commercial Director of WSA — on results of the exhibition and other company news (translated from Korean by Evgeny Fedeikin, Gofro Technologies — GT Group). Just look how well Russian guy speaks Korean

Русская версия статьи

“Several years ago, Woosung Autocon began active promotion in our market. What can be summed up now, after the pandemic?”

“I don’t remember exactly when we supplied equipment to Russia for the first time. This was about 15 years ago. We started working with Gofro Technologies about 5 years ago.

“At first there were single deliveries — prefeeders, loadformers, but over time we were getting more famous, and, in fact, we approached to the automation of the entire plant.

“Thanks to the successful deal with Europack (Arkhbum-Voronezh), today we have an excellent platform to popularize WSA on the Russian market. There we have installed a full range of peripheral equipment for corrugated packaging production lines.

“The pandemic has had an impact on us, as well as on all companies. But this did not affect our production process. We took security measures, currently our workers are vaccinated. Our factories in South Korea never stopped working.

“With Gofro Technologies we have implemented projects not only in Russia, but also in other post-Soviet states. Currently we manufacture equipment for enterprises in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries.

“Nevertheless, Europack is the largest and most outstanding project in Russia. We do not have a similar one yet.

“Talking about all company’s projects, our priority market is America. Not only the U.S., but all of North and South America. Currently we are working on a much larger project for Kruger.

“At the same time we are making equipment for several factories of one of the world’s largest corporations — Pratt Industries.”

“Are you satisfied with RosUpack?”

“I did not expect so many visitors due to the pandemic. There were a lot of meetings and negotiations with clients of Gofro Technologies, as well as from the enterprises where our equipment currently operating. I am very pleased with the exhibition. Many new goals have been set.

“Most recently, we bought a piece of land in Seoul and built a new plant — our third production site, with which we have expanded our production capacity by more than a third.

“It is a great honor for us that corrugated board manufacturers all over the world have highly appreciated quality and capabilities of our machines.”

“Do you plan to build a plant in Russia?”

(laughs) “I’m not the owner, you know. But yes, I would do it).”

By Ihor Tkalenko,

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