Requisites for HELP

Requisites for HELP

Dear colleagues, very dark days have come to Ukraine. As many of you well know, they immediately concern Gofro.Expert as a Kyiv-based online publication, dedicated to corrugated cardboard industry.

We thank you for your continued interest in our publication. It’s simply amazing that even in these days full of shock and grief the number of our subscribers continues to grow (over 15,000 today), and even more people are watching our news (over 150,000 in Feb 2022).

We continue to work, although not as usual, intending to do our duty until it becomes physically impossible.

Currently we carry on posting the news on Gofro.Expert resources and working on the ‘Corruga’ mobile application that provides news & videos of the corrugated world as well as a 6,000-word English-Russian-Chinese Dictionary.

We support Ukrainian volunteers helping refugees and people in besieged cities deprived of heating, electricity, water, food and other essential needs.

You can help our colleagues by contacting them directly or via our resources. Having a large database on the corrugated industry of Ukraine, Gofro.Expert is ready, if necessary, to connect you with a specific company.

Together we will win!


[email protected]

Bank Transfer:

Yevangelina Beatris Tkalenko

Warszawa, Sielecka 26, 00-738



PLN — PL 55 1030 0019 0109 8503 5003 0525

EUR — PL 38 1030 0019 0109 7806 5151 8911

USD — PL 63 1030 0019 0108 4006 5101 8010




USDT — Bep20






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